File Issues with Nearly Every File Loaded - HELP!

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I’ve been having problems with every single file I try. Linking constraints, other random errors and when I get the files to process without error they are cutting with errors. I’ve adjusted whether cutting in or out, counterclockwise or clockwise, I’ve adjusted pierce delay for the extra tabs left behind, I’ve gone back and worked with the tutorials for every file I’ve been attempting, but errors continue to follow.

Every time I’ve downloaded a file from fireshare, I can not get fusion to accept the file as a curved line or as one solid object. I’ve got fractions of lines and the file won’t cut smooth. I have tried extruding it and selecting the model body and running it, and it still cuts poorly or not completely. I’ve never had these issues running my CNC router, or Laser tables. But I’ve also never had to use fusion 360. Every file I transfer from Corel Draw as a DXF loads as a series of line segments and the programs refuse to work together. Anyone Have a good starting point?

Which Crossfire model are you using?
if you are on the Pro model you can not use Fusion to run the table…you must use FireControl…

I’d save any Corel files as SVG (& check the box that converts text to paths before saving). Then bring that into Fusion.

DXF is an old format and doesn’t support smooth bezier curves so all curves are made up as a series of straight segments to approximate the curve. SVG is a modern format and is far better with curves.

I’m assuming from what you wrote that you’re just using Fusion to create your toolpaths & g-code. If that’s the case, you might want to look into Sheetcam. Even with DXFs, Sheetcam will do a decent job closing open object paths and even if it can’t, it generally does a nice job with DXF files.

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I’m using Fire control 20.6… The fusion problems were solved with going to sheetcam. Thank you!

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I got SheetCam and moved on with my life! Thank you for the advice.

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glad to hear you are making progress…are you running the 20.6…or the 20.6.1?
best way to make sure…go into your add/remove programs and remove Fire Control…download the newest version…that way you are sure you have the newest version

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I’ve been doing 3D design and CNC for a few years (laser & a Shopbot) so Fusion wasn’t too bad for me. But when it comes to toolpathing for plasma, the options Fusion allows aren’t nearly as good as Sheetcam’s and Sheetcam is a much clearer workflow.

With all the changes to Fusion licensing over the last year or so, I finally gave up & moved to Freecad for 3D design (still use Corel or Inkscape for 2D). I use the sheetmetal feature to unfold designs for cutting & bend and weld back to 3D. Until Fusion messed with licensing I didn’t realize Freecad had the same functionality.

At the end of the day, there are lots of potential combinations of software that will work. The best way to go is with a set that you’re comfortable with. Fighting your tools is just a sign that they don’t fit you. Sometimes how software is designed just doesn’t fit the way you think or look at problems and another application might.

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Thank you for this input, I did check and I got the most modern download a few days ago. Up to date! The Software has been working great for fire control. My problem was the fusion was selecting what lines it liked and didn’t like. When I load the same exact files in Sheetcam, it gives me an error note, but cuts perfect. So the quality of my DXF files needs to improve, but I got through the cut that was killing me. I’m researching how to not have so many line segements and problems in my DXF’s now. Fusion had the option to Extrude and take the model line, but I still continued to have errors somehow.

I started off my CNC life using Master Cam and went to simpler programs, now I’m missing the knowledge I once had!

Amen to that! Thank you!. I’ve never worked with Freecad, but if I continue to fight with the programs I thought I was comfortable with I may give it a shot! At this point through my business I’m running Inventor, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inspire, Fusion, and a few others. No problems with my output programs but like you said some programs work better for other tools like the CNC Router or Laser. Thanks for the help!

I use Corel for a lot of 2D stuff (much of it for the laser or Crossfire). I save as SVG and then use Sheetcam to create the GCode for the Crossfire. I’ll even use it for DXF files I get from someone else and then use the simplify tool to clean up all the extra line segments (Inkscape can do the same with the smoothing tools). Then save the file as SVG. All the little segments in DXF are a result of the file format not supporting true curves, they are all approximations using small straightline segments.