Feature request to Firecontrol ( torch jogging feature)

I am not sure if it has been discussed or requested before…
As we know the arrows can jog the torch around…and so does the keypad.
The keypad only jogs when not activated (num lock off)
Now when the num-lock is on to be able to use the keypad numbers for input the torch up and down is not working…

So when you are on a laptop and you are inputting numbers you are restricted to the top row of numbers if you want to use the keypad…but then you can not raise the torch up or down in this mode.

is there a chance to have the (- and +) keys for up and down or another set of keys activated to raise and lower the torch?


On my remote/bluetooth keypad I use Page Up and Page Down buttons and that lifts the torch up/down. Perhaps that does the same on the keyboard.

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if you use the keypad on the laptop as numbers you can not move the torch around…you need to deactivate the keypad on the laptop to move the torch.

if you do have a remote keypad (I do have one) you can move the torch around and then you can stall activate the keypad on the laptop and use it for numbers…BUT
If you do not have a remote keypad you need to toggle between Num-Lock on/off to use the number function.

it just gets a little frustrating when you go to enter a number…and the torch moves…or you want to move the torch and nothing happens as it is trying to input a number…

it is a small issue but it gets to me sometimes…
I sweat the petty things…or is it I pet the sweaty things?..

I hear ya. I thought it was just related to moving the torch up/down. If you are trying to move it around the table, that is another matter.

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