Feature Request - Simple shape generator

I think a nice feature to add to the control is a simple shape generator in addition to the Straight line cut. Rectangle, Triangle, and Circle.

Rectangle - parallel sides, length input for each X+, Y+, (program verses inputs for X- and Y-)

Triangle - Start angle, Y- length, Second angle, Y+ length (or X-, X+) program returns to 0,0

Circle - Dia or Rad

Sorry if this has already been brought up. I’ve needed it a few times, and while easy enough to do in Fusion then transfer over, it is time consuming.


not gonna lie. that would be nice. great idea.

You should have left your post up @DonP . Your suggestion is a good idea, little math and you can get the right Circle that you need.

A rectangle or a triangle however going to be hard but to balance something like that out. Doing other trapezoidal shapes is just not feasible. That’s why I was hoping for just simple shapes like squares/rectangles and circles


Just add a “scale X Y” command.
Then you can create your OWN files with whatever shapes you want and “scale” for the desire size.
That would produce from a 1" circle ANY circle size.
From a 1" x 1" square ANY square or rectangle.
And other shapes as you “dream up” ANY size.
You would only have to create a simple KNOWN dimensional single shape NC file then use the SCALE command to create an unlimited amount of variations.

Or maybe now you CAN scale, I do not know???

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You can scale up to 10x in firecontrol. I started playing with firecontrol to help use up my scrap pieces. Rotating, selecting new origin, and scaling are nice things to play around with on rainy day.


I don’t think Firecontrol does individual X/Y scaling, just UNIFORM X/Y?
I hate you cannot run Firecontrol without a connection!

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Yes just uniform from my experience.

Should have included @langmuir-daniel @langmuir-reilly to get some mfg views on this request…

All the 3D printer slicers out there can do this, including a “Flip” function (which would be really nice as well when manually cutting duplicates.

Sheetcam as a post processor offers all this…shapes are offered as well as brackets, gussets…

I truly doubt this would be put in FC as doing shapes requires post processing more than a simple line…

MACH3 never had any shapes…and I doubt there are many other cutting softwares that offer that feature as it mostly a CAD/CAM feature

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