Feature Request: Retract and Pause between each cut

I’m cutting smaller parts that have a high chance of tip up off the table, and I’ve run into several cuts where my torch gets stuck and loses steps. Would there be a way to “Retract and Pause Between Each Cut” added to the Firecontrol GUI?


How high does your torch go between moves?

I’m not in front of the computer that has my fusion on it right now, but whatever the default value was I spose.

I understand you are asking for this to be automated but you can pause the program. The spacebar is the hotkey to pause the program. I use it often when a tipup occurs.


Default retract is 1" in the post processor. I’m not aware of a way to add pauses in Fusion. Sheetcam has a setting for pause between cut loops.

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Did not know this, thank you