Feature Request: Mirror in Firecontrol PLEASE

XR user here. I REALLY wish firecontrol had a “Mirror” option in addition to rotate, and scale. I know I can do the mirroring in sheetcam, or whatever CAM program I’m using, but that’s a pain. I have a bunch of .TAP files that are already programmed for my machine and material, so to have to re tool them just so I can mirror is a pain. Why is mirroring so important? When I’m trying to maximize my usage of a piece of sheet metal, sometimes mirroring can waste the least material, or squeeze a part in where it wouldn’t otherwise fit.

At the moment my only alternative is to just physically flip the sheet around :roll_eyes:


FYI fire control does have rotate and scale now

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Sorry, maybe my wording wasn’t clear. I know it has rotate and scale. I was asking for Mirror to be included to compliment those two existing features which are very useful.


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You can mirror your design and create a new cut file so you don’t have to physically flip your material…

I think adding a “mirror” feature to compliment the Scale & Rotate options is a great idea, I’ll pass this along to the team!


I know of at least 2 times in the last few months this would have been a handy feature to have in Firecontrol.

I actually needed mirror yesterday and had to go back into sheetcam to mirror the part. Having it on fire control would be awesome.

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Duude, I am just coming to the conclusion that Mirroring would be a great addition. I am using fusion 360 and one of the programs I am drawing has a lot of lines and it is freezing up everytime I try to mirror the project. If I could draw half of it, create a g-code for half and mirror on the tail end of things it would save me alot time for sure.

Push the two triangles in the top menu.
You really need to watch some Fusion videos.

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I know how to mirror my drawings in 360, my computer freezes and 360 wont respond. This doesnt happen to all the things I mirror. Just the ones that have a lot of lines. It may be possible the picture I imported to draw over may be causing the issue but I havent tried without it yet.

You are correct if there is a lot of detail or a messy drawing fusion will hang when trying to mirror.
Are you trying to mirror a picture? That maybe the whole problem

Not trying to mirror a picture. So far the drawing has over 1600 lines and I am not quite done. probably going to have about 2000 lines just on one half. Alot of the lines are jointed lines to make a strange curve. I will try flipping the sheet over and doing a manual mirror. and see how that turns out.

So you can mirror a body and then project the bodies to create a new sketch. This is very simple but might be confusing without seeing it. I’ll try to post video later if I get time.

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I will def take a look. you can send it directly to me if you like Wakeboardsteve@aol.com

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See if this might work…

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WOW, I really thank you for taking your time out your day to show me this. I have a little bit left to draw before I give this a shot. This looks like it will def help me out. Thanks again

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