Favorite deburring tools

Just curious what everyone’s favorite deburring tools are for taking slag off aluminum, steel, and stainless sheet?

We recently got a pneumatic die grinder and are using roloc discs (the ones on the far right in the image below).

A quick search on the 3M website leads to a ton of options which is a little confusing. The below discs are actually working pretty well, but I know there are a ton of different types, including wire wheel and bristle discs.

Curious to hear what others have been using!


I use those Rolocs for cleaning, final shaping. For dross/slag, I use either 40/60 grit flap discs or these purple wheels: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07VDQYT58/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1

For Rolocs, I buy either Benchmark or Lehigh Valley which I really like. 3M prices are too high.


Here is a thread that discusses this… Has some good info… I am interested to hear new info as well.

Tools for cleaning up cuts - Langmuir Systems Forum

For dross removal I use the fireball tools scraper https://fireballtool.com/products/fireball-scraperor or a masonry chisel. Sometimes I go over it with a die grinder… usually just scrape the dross and sand it and call it good.

I do a little more prep with the dimensional stuff then the artsy stuff.

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For the first round dross removal (heavy stuff), I’ll use a hammer or flat plate. (Hit at 45 deg angle and it comes off.) Final cleanup, 60 or 80 grit flap disk has been my favorite.

Mild Steel: dross
Flapper Disc: I use a lot of the flapper disc. If it is nasty, gnarly dross I will use 40-60 grit. You can use this grit on lesser dross but you need to use light pressure. If the dross is minimal, I like 120 grit.

Fireball slag removal tool: I actually forget I have it. It works great on most dross but there are times when some of the dross just needs taming with the flapper disc.

Needle scalers can be really helpful in the areas that are hard to access.

Grinding wheels: mostly too crude and leaves heavy marks and scratches.

Mild Steel: Removing mill scale.
I know you did not ask about mill scale but grinding and sanding really does not work well. Nothing beats the effectiveness of the vinegar bath but you you need to wait for that process and sometimes your piece is too large for your container. You can remove the mill scale quickly with (similar to what @john_s recommended): S SATC Strip Disc Blue 5” x 7/8” Stripping Wheel Premium Silicone Carbide Strip Disc for Angle Grinder. This disc will remove the mill scale without significant scratching of the metal. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08W42S2BQ?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details . I found that it is very heat sensitive so if you bear down on it heavily, friction build and then is seems to melt. For best results, take light passes, gradually increasing until you find the right amount of pressure. Once the metal gets warm, move to another spot and then come back when it cools a bit.
Strip discs

Dross on aluminum:
I tried using a wire wheel on a bench grinder but it was scary with small pieces (grabbing them out of my hand) so I switched to just using a fine grit flapper disc. It is really difficult to get the edge smooth (if you have a lot of detail) so I just focus on the faces. But, aluminum really shows the scratches from sanding so you might end using 240 grit for a better look. Light pressure on this process.

Stainless: I have not done any yet. I would probably try a 120 grit flapper disc.

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Have you ever tried to use a crimped brass wire wheel? generally what i use for cleaning during fabrication of light gauge aluminum.

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I have not but am willing to try. I can’t say that I have found anything that satisfied me with aluminum, yet.