Fails to insert DXF file

Fusion 360 personal (free version) will not allow me to import a DXF file. My friend is making a design on an apple computer and sending it to me as a DXF file. It worked great 6 months ago but I cannot load a DXF file now at all. The error message flashes up for n1 or 2 seconds then disappears so I cannot show you the error.

Any Thoughts?

can you post the DXF?

and you using insert tool on the tool bar

or the “open” in the file drop down menu (top left)

to open your DXF.

Any DXF?

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we have tried multiple DXF files and can get none of them to load. I even had a DXF from Autocad from my work and could not load it either. I tried to call Fusion 360 but the free version does not allow tech support to talk to me and I cannot find the error in their documentation.

Does your fusion 360 license need renewal? Even the free version needs to be renewed annually.

Are you trying to insert it or open it?

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