Failed to run kernel- tool path error

Really frustrating, just started using the software, as my table is on order and I need to get a few things ready to go. I followed all the videos on an imported sign- extruded it to make it one solid piece. I was told this would make creating a tool path easier. I followed the video to the letter, and now when I go to generate a tool path, there is none and the log says this:
“Error: Failed to run kernel.”

Anybody know what in the world is going on?

Hi, here’s what Autodesk says about this issue. Do you have ‘in computer’ selected for compensation type?

Yes, I have that. What I did was install the software on another computer, which ended up working for me. I went back and reset my other computer and it started working. Now I am just having issues with the Mach 3 software not running and then of course, the patch not being able to run either, just getting an error message.