Fab shop in Chicago/Champaign area

Hi folks - dropping this into the only really general category across all machines.

I do some aux tank building for motorcycles - typically long distance endurance riders. You know, 1,000 mile day riders.

But the race car side of things is pretty busy (& deeper pockets) so I have more work than I can handle. One customer in the motorcycle side is looking for a local fab shop to build him a fuel tank and bike mount. The tank is pretty straightforward, just a rectangular box with some internal baffles to keep the fuel from sloshing everytime the bike is leaned over.

The mount is a little trickier because there are a few options on where & how to connect the tank to the mounting plate and the plate to the bike.

The bike is a BMW K1600.

Any of you in the area or know if someone in the area who might be interested in making a grand or so?