F360, fine tuning post process (SOLVED - pierce height too high)

Pictured cuts; ( left, old consumables…ignore this cut) right new tip, same settings from cut/cut. From time to time I have noticed that some spatter from the initial plunge will stick to the tip, throwing off my cut height after ihs. Obviously my pierce delay is a little long given the large keyhole at the start, so i will dial it down a tad…but what other settings can impact this spatter at the initial plunge.

Pro, F360, CUT60, .25"hrs, 45a, 47ipm, .9 pierce delay, cut height .060 (confirmed), 0.3 pierce height, 0.04 pierce clearance.

Is that .3" pierce height a typo? That’s an extremely high pierce height. Pierce height is generally 2.5x cut height or .15"


Agree with David. You may actually be high enough that the piercing action is blunted and that is causing a wide but ineffective punch. Outside of that you seem to have good, square cut sides so I agree with you that your cut height is good.

I would not change your pierce delay yet. It would not have caused all that splashing of molten metal.

And you had sufficient air pressure, volume?

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Not sure why I have that value, but, I will make that change and post results soon.

And yes, air pressure/volume/quality are good.

Thank you

Thank your for recognizing that my pierce height was off. Made the adjustment and just cut some 3/8" with the setting…perfect!


Just to clarify is that 3/8 in the picture initially? I have probably the same setup and thickness I’ll need to cut soon and was looking around for good settings and found this. Trying to fill in a DOPE chart in a sense as much as I can without wasting too much steel.

No, that was 1/4" shown above. Other people will chime in but here are my particular settings for my equipment. The “verified” column is only checked if i have cut it and was pleased with results. Ignore the text under the chart, those are tested and verified values for my system.


this is beautiful… thank you. i owe you a beer. if you’re ever near the UP or apostles i’ll make good on that.

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No problem. Hopefully its a good starting point for you.
Petoskey MI is about the furthest we go…but the UP is on my bucket list!

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