Extruding text help!

Im having a hard time getting this text inside my sketch to extrude. What am I missing???

Right click and select explode text.

Looks like Papyrus. That’s not a clean font for extruding due to all the breaks and jig/jogs. It’s phenomenally complex to turn into vectors.

If you haven’t already you need to do an “explode” operation on the text to make it into vectors. Once you do that you’ll see there should be a boatload of tiny line segments that will likely overload the rendering engine.

Convert it to something like Arial and then explode/extrude to see if that works. Likely will. If so, try finding a cleaner, more closed line font that still gives you the artistic look it seems you’re going for. Papyrus is going to be tough no matter how big it is.

Fun fact, fusion is awful for text. It’s very difficult to scale to the exact size you want as well even exploded.

Easiest move is use something like Inkscape to make your font exact to size and save it as an SVG and import it.

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