Extrude and create Gcode

First off i don’t have 25 years of experience of doing this stuff but happy to share how i do things. There are many ways of doing what i’m showing in my video but this is my process. I’m sure to have many telling me i’m doing a few things wrong which is fine. I’m happy to try new things and learn myself. Maybe @TinWhisperer has a video on this with sound he can share also on this topic. i just started playing around making videos and figure since i was making this one i would record it. I won’t be on much during summer months but happy to help when i do log in. Main thing on this video is how i select my cut paths. I’ll post this new baby metal art to the fileshare in next few weeks after i cut it.

Please let me know if you can watch videos or not.


This added instant credibility to what was to follow in my opinion! Bravo @DonP :wave: :wink:

Videos are working great. Is there a way to track your keystrokes?


i’ll try Carnac on my next video and see if that works for showing keystrokes.

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Ran into a snag this morning. I made quick video on how to take 2D sign and make it 3D layered and i can only upload 2 videos a month for free to website i was using. I’ll have to find another way to post videos to internet and link them. Still learning and playing with video making.


I know this is an old thread but, have you looked at 100free?
You have multiple options to share the video and it’s free.
Well, I’m sure they are getting something out of it… Not much out there absolutely free.