Extending gantry tube

Ok Everybody Ive had my crossfire for about 6 months and already wish it was bigger and I was looking at making it 4x4. Would I run into any major issues extending the gantry tube and using a linear support rail on the far end? Id be looking at adding a z axis as well. buying a bigger table is out of the question right now unfortunately and I have the means to build anything I might need. Would the Stepper motors have the power to go this big? What kind of deflection would I be looking at on the gantry? TIA for any input you guys might have

Lots of people have done what your talking about. Linear rail will work, one guy mention that there is a little wobble, but nothing significant. Look up the facebook group, search for posts by tim compton.

I believe that if I was going to do all of that then I would want to add another motor and screw to that side also. but that’s just my thoughts.

I’m still just learning how to use my table with the extension.

I believe he is doing that now…

just emailed langmuir about getting another carriage and some other stuff last night. If im going to do it, I want to do it right the first time.