Extending Crossfire Pro Table lead screw issues

I’m having trouble finding lead screws in Australia (trapezoidal screws). I may be able to use acme screws although I don’t know much about them or if they are suited for this. I’d like to fit a full size sheet of steel 1200x2400mm

I’m wondering if i could use rack and pinion or maybe even belt drive. The only thing i need to be certain of is that whatever drive system I use they need to move 1 inch per 2 revolutions of the stepper motors.

I’d really appreciate some guidance from people who have done similar things themselves.


have you done a search with the little magnifying glass on the forum here?
I di remember someone posting all the dimensions of the lead screws…and other information on that…

I understand all the dimensions, I am struggling to source them in Australia. I just realised I may have been searching for the wrong type of thread though, was looking for lead screws(trapezoidal) but I think I was supposed to search for acme lead screws