Extended or Normal nozzles?

Ok which is better an extended nozzle or a regular nozzle? And what is the benefit of each? I’m new to all of this plasma stuff, but I’m trying to learn. I’m using an Everlast 60S.

Come on guys I’m sure someone knows the answer to these questions!

Okay, I’ve never used an Everlast so I figured you’d want to hear from someone with the same machine.

But in general, you will get best performance from a shielded nozzle than a normal or standard one. You don’t want to use a drag tip on a CNC.

I couldn’t find out what an “extended” nozzle is for an Everlast. But what I did come across were the normal standard, shielded & drag ones.

The normal one has the nose cone as a smooth graduation in diameter until it clips off flat at the tip. These will work with the CNC but may be subject to a bit more/faster wear than the shielded ones.

The shielded tips actually bulge outward at the end so it’s about 50% larger for the flat surface area surrounding to orifice. Kind of like you have a tiny pancake on the end of the nozzle. These last longer in a CNC because they protect the torch from some of the back spatter from pierce cuts (edge cuts are way easier on a plasma tip).

The drag ones look sort of like castles with little bumps that stand off from the nozzle. Those are designed to keep the orifice at a precise distance from the material when you drag the torch with the nozzle touching the material. In effect it’s a built-in shim. On the CNC you’d be either too high (if you also use the shim) or you’re likely to hit something that tips up from a cut (if you don’t use the shim and let the nozzle sit on the material.)

Someone with an Everlast will be more authoritative though :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are 2 kinds of standard tips/nozzles for the IPT60 torch. Pipe and flat, pipe are pointed and made for cutting angles and come in 20, 30 and 40 amp. Flat are flat on the end and are used with a standoff or roller guide/circle cutter and come in 40, 50 and 60 amp. Extended or long tips/nozzles for the ITP60 torch are pointed and come in 20 and 30 amps only and mostly used for fine cutting, like art work on thin metal.

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That’s what I was thinking but it’s nice to have it verified. I’m learning and it nice to have such knowledgeable guys to turn to.

you shouldn’t see any performance difference with extended nozzles. they are only for clearance - and on a cnc setup - this is moot. shielded stuff is different. You may see a better cut, but mostly because you will maintain the integrity of the consumables longer/ better with the shielded stuff.