Extend Function - any way to select/set distance?

I like to use Extend in order to keep number of line segments to a minimum. But I get irritated by the fact it sometimes only extends in very small increments. Based on the description of the function, it should extend to the next intersecting geometry. However, that often does not happen and I need to click many times to get the desired extension.

I’ve check preferences and watched a few videos but seen no tips. Any expert level users have a tip for me?

Very typical with obvious intersection point above but very small extension results:


It only extends to the next closest potential intersection point for every click. Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted what Fusion thinks is an intersection point

Wsidr1 I am with you. Sometimes those short extensions can get painful… It would be nice if you could select the point you wanted to extend to similar to the trim commmand.