Exporting bodies from 3D drawings to DXF files in hobby fusion 360

Hi, I’m a complete noob. Computer savvy, but a total CAD dummy. I’m putting my first table together right now. My primary use case will be for creating 3D parts. I watched this video from NTD Racing, and it clicked for me, and makes sense, and I’ve been working on some other designs. But I’ve had issues getting all my bodies exported as DXF files for post processing in sheetcam. In some cases, I can click on them, and choose to “create a sketch” from the body, but others I can’t. If I go back to the original sketch, it is often not the right shape (ie: if I’ve cut holes through the already extruded body). Fundamentally and morally I dislike fusion 360’s licensing and usage model, and would prefer to use freecad, but it hasn’t clicked for me. I really struggle with freecad.

Is there something I’m missing about exporting bodies in fusion 360? Or will this always be a problem with the free version when doing 3D parts? Thanks.

Also, FWIW, my use case truly does 100% fall within hobby usage. I have no plans to ever profit from my work.

The DXF export from Fusion is always going to be a 2D file. To derive this from a body, you need to ‘Create Sketch’ on a given face. Once that sketch is created, you don’t have to do anything to it other than save it as DXF from the right click menu. If a face isn’t the pattern you want cut, you can create a slice through the body and use it.