Expanded Table to 2x6

Recently did a table expansion on my crossfire to 2x6. Table will hold a Full 4x8 sheet of 3/16 thick material on its own with no stands. Just figured I would post it on here if anyone had thoughts about doing this.


That’s awesome, great work! Where did you source the parts? And did you use a mill to cut all of the holes in the tube?

I drill almost all the holes on a drill press with rotabroach bits on a milling vise, so that made things a lot easier. Some of the other i did with a mag drill. I only wish I could have went longer, but wasn’t able to find a lead screw longer then 6ft.

So correct me if i’m wrong… the only things that you had to do were, get longer tubes for the gantry tube slide and framing, and a longer lead screw? I’ve been wondering if this is all that needs done when extending one unless i’m not noticing something.

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Yes plus longer slats and most likely an extended cord for the x axis motor. I think that’s it

What kind of tubes are you using?

What size lead screw? 3/8" or 1/2"? How bad does it whip?

That is cool I would like to do that what size is the lead screw

1/2” Lead screw, my lead screw has zero whip. I have seen other that did this expansion and had lead screw whip. Easy fix though if it does.

And yes you are correct longer:

• 2x2” Box tubing
• 1/2-10 5 Start Lead screw
• Longer table slats
• Lengthen Wires on one motor

With the half-inch screw I’d think you’d also need a new lead screw nut.

Yes you are correct, sorry I was trying to remember everything off the top of my head and forgot that.

I bought a full stick of 304 Stainless and just used it on the upper and lower end where the gantry attaches.

You can see on the end on the right side where the box tubing is longer, I had these cut so that I would get a full 6’ travel but my lead screw was not longer enough. So if I find a longer one I can just re drill the holes and gain a few more inches of cutting area

What did it cost to get it all setup up?