Everlast Storm 215c welder/40-amp plasma torch

We have a multi process Everlast Storm 215c with a 40-amp plasma torch. I am wondering about wiring it to our crossfire pro.

Here’s a copy of the manual.

The torch height control connections will be raw voltage and they’ll be directly behind where the leads plug into the unit on the inside. There’s typically a threaded lug on each of those that you can put a ring connector on.

There is not a good wiring diagram in the manual so you’ll have to trace where your torch plugs into and figure out which wires are your trigger to turn the plasma on.

The one thought I had with this being a multi-purpose machine is how the torch height control will react if it happens to get left plugged in when you use the welding functions and can theoretically run at 190 amps? How will the vim deal with this? Maybe ok? Maybe not? It’s worth thinking about.

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Thanks for the response. We are anticipating removing the machine to operate the welder independent of the plasma table and only hook up the torch when need.

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