Everlast PowerPlasma 60s torch

I am waiting on delivery of the Everlast PP60s and the Crossfire CNC, and have a torch question. Will the included torch work just fine or should I purchase the PTM-60 CNC torch from Everlast? Is there an equivalent PTM-60 manufacturer that isn’t as expensive as Everlast?

Thanks ahead of time.

I have that cutter but just the hand torch. it does work fine but you’ll find yourself sing longer 1/4-20 screws on the torch clamp and clamping the torch higher. the torch holder on the crossfire is made to engage the cup but on the IPT there is not a lot of parallel surface area for the clamp to grab. it does work ok clamped high but this is just plastic casing on the handle

I did this with mine a while ago… Works great for the time being… Someday I’ll pop for the machine torch. This is a good way to get by for starters…!


You do know that taking/cutting the protective outer layer off the retaining cup can cause the torch to short out if you get it to thin.

Completely understand sir.

The machine torch has a lot of advantages over the hand torch. You can change consumables with out removing the torch. Once set it will be perpendicular to your work, you won’t have to reset it every time you change consumables. You won’t be blasting your torch handle with doss every time you pierce a hole. Less hanging weight on the arm, etc.

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you can get it for 299, from cncplasmastore.com, I purchased mine there and it was plug and play. I buy a lot of stuff from there.

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Sure you can if you like cheap copys, same with there consumables.

My son is purchasing one of yours (Ethan Arnold) for me as a present. He should be buying it today off your EBay.

@mechanic416 I don’t know why you feel that a business model of outright bashing someone else’s business is good practice. There are other ways of stating that you believe your product is better than someone else. Not knowing you or them, I have purchased consumables from them and we can start there. They are no better or worse than the OEM ones I received from everlast, you say they are cheap copies… As for the machine torch, I’ve actually taken it apart, and I don’t know what’s “cheap” about it, it’s also no different that the IPT hand torch that came with my machine, I’ve had that apart as well… Just call me curious… I’d be happy to do a comparative write up to prove your point, send me some stuff to test… Without data to prove your claim, it’s just your opinion… I simply answered a question from another inquisitive user and you used it as an opportunity to bash a competitor in hopes of gaining more sales… Again, my offer stands… and it’s “their” consumables, not “there”.

I’ve got just the job to do the test… Unbiased, same settings, I’ll spring for the extra metal…



I don’t give consumables away for people to just trash doing things like you posted. I didn’t ask you not to buy THEIR consumables or buy MY consumables, just stating the facts.

Trash, now your bashing my customers artwork? Nice… You have not posted any “facts” all you have posted is your opinion… Where is the data? I don’t see any… Put up, or shut up… The only trash here is your talk… I would love for you to tell my customer to their face that their logo is trash… See how that ends up for you… I’m sure they have a local chapter in your state… Confraternity MC, look them up… Post a video…

Apparently you can’t read. First I never said anything about your picture or project being trash. And if you want to eat up consumables taking on this project then that’s up to you.
And buy the way Everlast does not sell OEM consumables.

If I get the order I will make sure you get some extra goodies in with it.

Those really aren’t OEM (whatever OEM means for this). As near as I can tell, I suspect the only OEM set are the ones actually in the torch when you receive your unit. In my case, they weren’t even the right ones for the torch either. they were for the 80 not the 60 but they see to be more finely made, fewer tool marks and the OD of the nozzle was within a few 10ths of 10mm the spares I bought from them were slightly different and diferent between bundles. use a mic you’ll see lots of small differences. Everlast themselves told me I should buy consumables from someone else, which I found odd, but not so odd when I figured out they were different than the one that was installed in the torch. I think they are just buying ebay ones too and reselling them which is why they won’t vouch for them.

OEM (original equipment manufacturer) In any case they are the ones that came with my machine… I actually just did a job with one of the originals that they sent me. 1/4" steel, 47amps, over 900 pierces and still going. Bash all you want, it’s money in the bank… But with an attitude like his, he will never see my money. Good day!

Did you think I was bashing? I was just relaying my experience and what I thought along the way. I like my Everlast machine and will buy a new welder from them too. I also appreciated that they told me not to rely on their consumable when I tried to get diferent sized nozzles from them. I know what OEM means I just am skeptical that they imported Italian torches to China to send out with their machines. so OEM to who? Everlast or Tecmo

I have their TIG welder (PowerTig 210EXT). It’s great. A friend (processional welder - 50yrs) recommended it as a solid capable machine for small shop use at a decent price & great customer service.

I have nothing against Everlast welders or plasma cutters they seem to work very well.

@JaVelin no, not you bashing.