Everlast Powerplasma 52i tips, shields, etc

I just got my Everlast machine and I was wondering if I am supposed to use the consumables it came with for only hand cutting or can I use them for CNC as well? It came with a cut guide that keeps the tip off the surface and the nozzle is exposed. Should I buy the nozzles and shield setup for CNC or do I just remove the training wheels thing and set the CNC for 0.060" above the surface. I will be using a THC as well. When do you want to use the shield? Do you gap it 0.060" when using the shield? I see the nozzle is retracted inside the shield in the pictures.

I just don’t know what to get for the torch before my CNC arrives.


Just remove the stand-off and use the consumables that came with it. The upside of the ipt-60 torch is that you can get tips for a wide range of amperages. By the way, several of us have concluded that there is no real advantage to spending the money on shielded consumables for these tables with height control.