Everlast plasma with X-fire Pro?

Thinking of pulling the trigger on a 60 or 80 amp everlast plasma that includes the CNC torch.

Both have CNC port. Both appear to not be HF machines.

Any known issues or successful uses of these with x-fire tables?

They both will work fine on the table. Just remember if you get the 80 the smallest consumable is 1.0mm/50 amp so if you plan on cutting thin metal this may be a concern.

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Thanks. Solid advice there and hadn’t crossed my mind. I was really looking at the 60 amp, then the 80 wasn’t a huge price increase. The 60a machine would suit my needs as I would be cutting mostly 1/8-3/8 material

You may want to check out the Primeweld Cut 60 also CNC ready, but does not come with a machine torch. I can help you out in that department.

I have the Primeweld Cut 60 and it has done good for me so far, any shortcomings that I have experienced with it so far are operator error and is getting better every time I cut with it.

How much is the machine torch setup?

The prime weld looks very similar to the older everlast and longevity etc. which isn’t a surprise.

Is this what you are asking?

I was asking for his price, as he said he could help me out. If it’s $300ish, then the price for the prime weld is comparable to the everlast as the everlast includes the machine torch vs a hand torch.

Get the 80 amp, you can get all the tips & parts you want on Ebay. I have a 80 amp Everlast, and I love it. I have cut .09" to .250" HRS with no issues at all.


I have the Everlast 205si. Tig/Plasma combo. I have 2 boxes delivered for the Pro. Getting everything ready.
Does anyone have, or plan on using this machine with X-fire Pro?

I pulled the trigger on the everlast 60amp plasma with machine and hand torch

do you might have a cur sheet for the 80 amp everlast?
thanks in advance!