Everlast hatchet 60 not compatible?

kind a went crazy an perches a Everlast hatchet 60. can it be wired ?

There is a list of compatible plasma cutters on the Langmuir website

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I perches one already! Its New, I just need to know if its possible to make it work.

The Hatch is not designed to be used on a CNC table. Can you hook it up, yes. There may be RF interference trouble with THC and Langumar electronics. It has no adjustable post air flow, this could over heat the torch and consumables in a short time. Could also void your plasma cutters warranty.


This link will take you to Langmuir’s list of compatible plasma cutters. By ‘compatible’ it means that they are known to usually work well with the electronics of the Langmuir tables.

The Everlast page says it’s a blowback start. RF shouldn’t be an issue. 35% duty cycle might be though… Wiring it to the CrossFire will require opening and tapping into internal wires too.