Everlast Cut50D

I have an older Everlast Cut50D plasma, any idea where i can find consumables? Contacted the Everlast place in CA. They said they didn’t have any & suggested buying a new torch. Any ideas where i might find some? Tried ebay & amazon, no luck.

Mechanic416 on this forum. He can help you.


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Thank you sir! First time on here, how do i contact him?

I found him, sent email. Thanks

Mechanic416 forgot more about plasma cutter than anybody I know.


Here are a couple links. Website and eBay Store. I found it best to email him directly with what you want and he sends you back a quote and payment instructions. eBay purchases delays delivery due to their payment process as noted in the store. Not sure if he is currently offering discounts for forum members, but he has in the past.


@Flash yes @mechanic416 has it covered consumables wise.

The manual is quite vague about the part numbers.

Everlast Cut50d Manual

Are you planning on using that plasma cutter on your CNC table?

What consumables you need are going to boil down to what hand towards you have, is this the one?

The cut 50 was sold by a lot of different companies.

I would check its compatibility with your CNC machine if that’s what you’re doing with it, it looks suspiciously high frequency.

It is a high frequency plasma cutter and won’t work on a Langmuir table.


Thanks to Mechanic416, he got me the correct number to replace the torch with an updated version. Got it today & it works perfectly!


Like I said. George(Mechanic416) has forgotten more than most on anything to do with plasma machines. Make sure you get all your consumables from him.
Happy cutting my friend.


Sorry i haven’t responded to you guys, been busy. I don’t have a CNC. I just use my plasma from time to time. Just got into doing metal art a few months ago. I appreciate the responses!