Everlast choice for pro, need that last bit of help deciding

Well i am finally ready to order a cutter and machine torch. Pro has been sitting here and waiting since first batch shipping. Ya i know i am really slacking…

I think i want to go with the 62i. Seems enough for my needs. Which basically i want to be able to cut (pierce) at least 1/2 a36 down to sheetmetal for signs. What have you guys ran thickness wise with the 62i?

Will also need to decide on what consumables or torch? I want machine torch for sure. Is this a george thing?

This is a temporary cutter as well trying to keep cost down for now. Eventually i will go big hypertherm later on.

I have the 62i with both the hand torch and the machine torch.
the machine torch works well…
as for consumables…get a wide selection of them to try different cuts with.
I had an older everlast 50…previous to the recent 52…and with the hand torch I could cut through the side of a railway track…
but with my recent 62i on thetable I have not cut anything thicker than 1/8 at this point.

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Talk to Mechanic416 about what he thinks about plasma cutters. He has a lot of knowledge coming from the repair side and might have some options that are more economical than the Everlast. I have a 60S that won’t play well with the THC as well as the Razorweld 45…

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Hoping he sees this and chimes in. I am open to other options for sure. Just need to get something and get up and cutting before snow flies .

There are a lot of options out there. You can can call me if you like to talk about them. www.georgesplasmacuttershop.com