Everlast 82I With IPT 80

Hello everyone I just got in my Everlast 82i and I’m having some trouble with it I went to go cut a program and the first one was decent better then my razor weld but the second cut this machine was acting all weird. it started off good but then went to the next hole and didn’t fire then missed another hole but while it was doing the fire control was picking up raw voltage, I thought that was only for when the torch is actually on. but another time it started to finish the overall part but didn’t fire when it took off and all of a sudden it fired cant figure out what’s going on thank you for your help.

IPM is 40
Keft width is .045
Tip is 1.3
Air pressure is 65-69 when cutting
Amps is 75
Pierce delay is .5
cut height is .06
Pierce height is .095

You maybe clamped too low on your machine torch.

This could impeded the movement of the blowback plunger.


Can you turn this up ?

What do you mean by turn it

@Ozzywelding im sure others will chime in for sure but your torch is clamped too low the bottom.clamp should be above the lower section as it causes the blowback tip to bund when clamped low.


10-4 I’ll change it right now

This is where I’ve got it set now is that to high

Were to mount a machine torch.

Also make sure you have 120 psi to the back of the plasma cutter.


Okay so I just moved the torch to the picture’s location and I was reading some where on here that the nozzle is supposed to spring back a little well I noticed when I loosen the outside nozzle I have spring back about 1/8” but when it’s hand tightened it it’s got maybe a 64th movement in it am I supposed to leave it a little loose?

@Ozzywelding not for sure but sounds like it is binding up. @mechanic416 What are your thoughts on his last post?

@Ozzywelding the nozzle is the outer metal portion with the orifice in it…the electrode is the inner metal piece…do you mean you expect to have play or springback in nozzle or the electrode…the electrode moves when firing…the nozzle is fixed and should be secured by the retaining cup…the outer grey plastic piece that you screw on last.

never run with retaining cap lose and increase your torch output air pressure to 70-75 psi when torch is cutting.

Well I was under the impression when everything is put together the nozzle would have spring back when I push on it it a little bit I’m guess it’s not supposed to have any movement when it’s all together

The nozzle they referring to is inside the cup.
You would screw in the electrode into it. With the cap off you should be able to push up on it with your finger and it should snap back.

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Yes when the cap is off I can push the electrode in and it snaps back out but when the camp is on I can no longer do that is that correct

Correct. Just keep the torch holder clamp up above the Internal mechanism. Happy cutting pal. By the way the electrode in the picture look trashed. Pretty blue color. :grin:

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There should be no movement when the retaining cup is installed.

Here is a picture to help with the names of the consumable parts of your torch.

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Really that maybe had 15 pierces on it and when I moved the torch and clamp all the way up I now only have about a 1-1/2” I’ve movement is that normal also I had 1/4” plate on the table when I measured

can you do some long straight line cuts within firecontrol.

I wonder if also the air is dropping off enough during the cut the extinguish the arc ?