Everlast 82i wiring

Was just curious how you guys wired up the control for a Everlast 82i
I’m just now starting to dig into this part of the assembly
Have read and watched a few different options
But was curious about real feedback
From all you
Thanks in advance !

I have not wired my 82I yet but from reading numerous posts it is best to use raw voltage by connecting to the torch leads just behind the front cover. According to Everlast you are supposed to be ok using the connector on the rear but seems like it is not consistent. Seems overall the tabke does way better with raw voltage. Im sure others will chime in as well. Good luck!!!

Appreciate the response and I also have read that I watched a informative YouTube video earlier about soldering jumper wires on to the circuit board in the back inside by the rear cnc plug to allow a clean install and use of that connector.
If anybody is interested in the video I can find YouTube link and post it up

Have seen that as well but in my mind i guess woukd stay awsy from soldering as it leaves permanent evidence whereas if needed to have warranty work performed where unit needed to be sent back removing the wires from the torch leads behind the panel would leave no evidence that any problems were created by the additional wiring.

Raw voltage. Remember work piece is pos. Torch is neg. Never had one problem from THC control.

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new digging though the forum, so all you wired was pin 5-7 off the back of the machine? direct to the pigtail that goes into the langmuir system?

also adding i have NO z axis. not sure if that plays a part.

Everlast? If it is wire it raw voltage, No pin soldering required. Just 1 and 2 for the torch trigger.

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i kept digging and found another thread that had info

no thc, so no need to do the voltage (but i did see where you just add the crimp terminals to the lugs inside the machine)

but i will have to solder the 1 and 2 on the plug in the back for torch fire tho (correct?)

that is correct…

perfect. thanks!

(digging through here to learn, new to me 2x2 table etc etc etc. trying to use the search function!!)