Everlast 82i Central Connector

Hello I’m trying to find a wire diagram for the central connector on the 82i . I’m currently running machine torch and want to use my hand torch from my old Titanium 45. need to change some pins around to make it work. Thanks

Pins 1 and 2 are trigger, pins 2 and 9 are safety and pins 4 and 7 are pilot arc

Ok thanks trying to convert my Titanium hand torch over to the 82i

Not sure it will even work the 82i has 5 pins and the titanium has 6 pins


I had the same problem to find the wiring for a central conector on the everlast plasma 82i.
My goal was to mount a no official Everlast plasma torch (a manual torch IPT-80) in my evrlast 82i plamsma.

@mechanic416 is right.
You must have (or create) those 5 connections hi is talking about
If you have too much pins (example 6) on your “no officail” everlast plasma torch, your torch probably have a option that the everlast plasma cannot take
If you have just 4 pins (my case), you must duplicate the wire of the pin 2 to go to the switch and to the pin 9.

Some facts that coudl helped me in my research :

  • In the central connector of the 82i there are 9 small pin halls. But just 5 can be used (4 are empty)
  • The official plasma CNC toche for the 82i has 4 pins. (2-4-7-9)
  • To work with the hand torch, you must use the 5 pin.
  • If the 2 and 9 are not connected, the plasma show a error message. Those are the safety pin (serve to see if you connected a plasma torch and the end of the torch is on the torch)
  • The pin 1 is not used on the CNC official 82i torch
  • It’s hard to find a diagram for the central connector of the 82i
  • I think the IPT-60 have not the exact same wiring