Everlast 82i and ptm-60 -Solved

I bought an 82i because of duty cycle and ability to do 3/4". George recommended the tecmo ptm-60 for lower amp stuff with a finer tip as the stock ipt80 hand torch only goes down to 1.0mm tips. I hooked everything up and it wont work with the ptm60, errors and misfires detected with THC. THC off it works okay, still will missfire but I can usually get through a program. Everything works great with ipt80 torch. I have verified ptm60 wiring, tapped into raw voltage past cnc port, moved machines around shop, grounded table and plasma to conduit, put ferrite chokes on everything. Tested different F bomb programs, verified versions of software. checked consumables, checked cup contact. Ptm60 torch will fire continuously hand held when jumping the dangling trigger wires.

I just don’t know where to go from here. I’m suspecting RF interference, but nothing has changed in all my extensive trouble shooting. I did some trouble shooting with Danny/LS and he gave me the go ahead that the THC is operating correctly. I’m just starting to suspect for one reason or another the torch is not very compatible with the Langmuir Systems table.

Any ideas? Any one running an 62i/82i with genuine tecmo ptm60? Thanks guys.

Try routing that long torch cable away from other electronics and stuff. I’ve got mine running up to the ceiling (suspended by suitable cord), over and down to the Prime Weld CUT60 away from everything (to mitigate interference and to take some weight off of the Z-axis. That cable may be radiating some EMI.

Thanks Cletus for the comment, tried it already :frowning:

George (Mechanic416) and I did some trouble shooting and experimenting. After I assured myself that the problem was not the table and everything on my end, I took George’s offer on trying a custom ptm60 torch since the first one was not working. He changed the wires over to a stock style leads and shortened it up to stock length. Problem solved. No more interference, all I had to do was plug it in and it worked flawless like my ipt80 hand torch. George has some theories why this may have helped but to be honest I’m just excited to be cutting with a machine torch with finer tips. There was only so nice of a cut I could get with the limit on the 80 amp torch consumables range(1.0/50amp to 1.3mm/80amp). The ptm60 gets me down to cnc shielded tips of 40amp or 30amp standard tips… all while having the duty cycle and capability of an 80amp machine. Hope this ends up helping a few others in the community. If you need a genuine tecmo machine torch for an Everlast 62i or 82i be sure to contact him!