Everlast 80 Amp 62i With The Cnc Package

Hello - I am new to CNC plasma cutting. I just got my Crossfire Pro and I am at step 5 in the assembly. I was going to order the Everlast 80S to go along with my Crossfire Pro but it does not seem to be available any more so I switched my sights to the Everlast 82i with the CNC package. Now from reading the forum I see that the 82i may be a bit too big for use by a hobbyist like me.

I would like to know if the 62i with CNC package will be a good choice. It seems like a good cutter at a reasonable price. Will it work will with the Crossfire? Will it require extra wiring or modifications? Does the the CNC package take care of all of that for me? Any advise on this before I drop the hammer and make the purchase will be appreciated.

I am new to cnc also but not to plasma cutting. I had an older everlast 50 and loved it. I could cut railway track steel…not pretty but it would work.
I bought the LSPro and the Everlast 60i this year.
If you are only going to do cnc then get the package with machine torch. If you want freehand time then the 62i is an all around powerful unit.
I find it a little bulky and that the fan runs all the time.
But as a Canadian who only lives 4hrs from the supplier it was a good choice for me.

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You can get the Everlast 62i with both torch’s, just contact them

I"ve had the 80S Everlast running on my Crossfire (original) for over a year now with no issues and has cut everything I’ve thrown at it. One thing is I can always change consumables and go down on amperage, another reason I did move up to the 80S ( I already had a 50s hand torch) is to keep it away from any chance of getting into the duty cycle on complex long cuts!. Overkill? Probably, but there’s no drawback from going bigger if you have the power to run it and it was a little more money to step up to the 80s.


i just got the 82i to replace my hypertherm power max 380 because of lack of cnc port.
i was going to buy the cnc package but decided it would be nicer to have the flexibility of putting the hand torch out of the holder and using it to free cut items (i do fab work and repairs to equipment from time to time)
to hook it up to cnc they (everlast) give you a connector end that you have to cut and solder the LS cnc wire to. its 2 wires and pretty simple

the 82i is a beast of a machine… though as others have said the fans run constantly but to me its not really a problem over all the other noises that are going on in my shop

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Thanks to all who have offered your advise, it is really appreciated. Another posting on this forum says that “the consumables size for the 82i start at 1.0mm/50 amp and go up so cutting thin metal with a lot of detail is not going to work well.” This is a big concern for me because I want to be able to cut thin metal with allot of detail if the need arises. I am starting to think that the 62i would be a better choice, please advise! Thanks

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I’m using the 62i with hand torch on my pro table. I cut alot of 14 gauge and 1/8". I have cut 1/2" with no problems at all.

punksab2000 - Thanks for your response. You indicate that you are using the 62i with hand torch, do I need the CNC package? The Everlast cutters all seem to have high frequency start, must this be deactivated so as not to damage the Crossfire electronics? If it does need to be deactivated, how is this done?


the 62i does not have high frequency start…right from the description of Everlast

IGBT Inverter Plasma Cutter
Easy starting with Blow Back Pilot arc allows easy cutting of rusty and painted metals
Cuts virtually any type of metal with ease
60% Duty cycle at 60 amps
iPT 60 Torch
Blowback start starts arc without the need of High Frequency which can interfere with surrounding electronics
Pilot arc improves performance and cutting on dirty, painted, or rusted metals 
3 Second pilot arc tip saver feature shuts down pilot arc after 3 seconds of continuous operation
Front air pressure gauge allows quick verification of air pressure
Over Current and Duty Cycle protection indicates fault with a dedicated warning/diagnostic light, and shuts down output until condition is resolved
Adjustable postflow timer for maximum consumable life
CNC socket for CNC use on plasma tables (machine torch optional)
NOTE: When used with a generator, the generator must be certified by its manufacturer to produce "clean" power (5% or less THD)

blow back start

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There is no high frequency that I know of. Mine works perfectly fine with the hand torch. There should be nothing deactivated. The Everlast works fine with Langmuir electronics. As for hand or machine torch. I guess that’s your personal preference.

Thanks - that helps, I was reading the info on the Everlast site incorrectly.

Thanks - that helps I was confusing Pilot with HF.

I’ve got the 62i everlast and crossfire pro. Right now i’m cutting 20 guage and it cuts great but it runs a little too hot for the fine stuff unless i just dont have the settings right yet .I cut at 150 in/min and its as smooth as butter.
Right now the machine torch just quits in the middle of runs randomly. Havent figured that one out yet. If you have any ideas give me a shout, it would be greatly appreciated.

make sure your work clamp is on the work piece, not just clamped to the table some were.

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As far as tip sizes go, I just spoke with everlast and they said you could very easily run a 62i torch on an 82i machine, adjust amps accordingly and now you have the smaller tips or bigger tips on a more capable machine.

great information…on a thread that is 2 years old…

Yeah new to Langmuir forums and I definitely noticed that after I posted it. It just happened that I spoke to everlast right before I read the thread and didn’t bother looking at the date.


no prob…I have an everlast 62i and the machine torch…and the handheld…
one thing remember about everlast…run post flow for at least 30 seconds after cuts…give it breaks to cool down when cutting long cuts or thick metal…
the threads on the electrode can warp a bit so keep on hand a M5x0.8 tap to clean up the electrode piston if they get tight…

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Welcome to the forum.

This has been going on for some time now using the IPT60 hand torch or the PTM60 machine torch on the 80s and 82i to give a wider range of consumable choices.

Thanks for the info toolboy. looks like I need to do some more reading on here before I post. Currently waiting on my xr and so stoked to be able to finally get one of these.