Everlast 62I wiring THC SD Proma issues,

Hi everyone, new here and new to CNC software (VERY new, lol, I’m lost)
Bought a 5x10 premier Plasma Table, floating Torch head, THC Proma SD, uses Sheetcam, Mach 3, Viacad.
Bought a new Everlast 62I Plasma Cutter with Hand Torch and CNC Torch, love the machine so far with Hand torch.
I’ve got my Premier Table setup. Everything works EXCEPT THC/Torch firing.
I wired the THC with Raw Voltage on Pin 5 and 7 on the CNC Board of the Plasma Cutter, then Pin 1 and 2 on Plama Cutter Board goes to Start/Stop of CNC controller “BOB”
Basically Torch isn’t firing, when it does it’s random and weird. When you push F5 to manually turn on Torch, does Nothing? THC light in Mach 3 flashes Yellow (indicating an issue, should be green).
Big Question that I cannot find:??
Where does the “ok to move” (ark ok) wires from Plama Cuter to the CNC board go? What pins on the CNC Interface board do you hook these to?
Thank you so much

this is my CNC board on the Premier Table and how it’s wired.

if you look, the wire harness going to the A Axis…should that not be plugged into the Z Axis since those wires go to the Z axis? I bought this table used (practically new though, only 6 months old) and this is how he had everything wired up except the THC that I’m working on now.

You might have better luck over at PlasmaSpider.com - Index page Most of the people on this forum are only experienced with Langmuir tables and their specific THC.

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Also, there is a Facebook users group for Proma that is very active.


I agree with the others who have posted.

this is a forum for the Langmuir tables and Langmuir products.

I would recommend you search out Plasma Spider and other forums that relate directly to your table.

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I couldn’t find a downloadable manual anywhere.

I couldn’t find a wiring diagram either.

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