Everlast 62i Torch - Crossfire Pro - Torch won't fire

Got a technical question for you all. I have a new Crossfire Pro built and the table functions well so it seems. I have an Everlast 62i plasma cutter. My problem is the torch won’t fire using Fire Control, but it does fire by hand. I can hear the relay clicking as well. I have it wired from RAW voltage using the pigtail wires into the VIM Clamp and Torch port, connected to the PV output. I have the CNC plug soldered to pins 1 and 2 (torch on/off) and connected to the VIM DIV input. Everything has been tested for continuity and it looks good. Ive also moved the arc voltage relay to 50:1 on the CNC board in the plasma unit. I’m a newb and any help getting my torch to fire will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I also have pictures of how I’ve connected things. Is there something I’m missing?

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Nothing goes in the DIV input, if you are using raw voltage. The torch on/off wires from pins 1 & 2 get plugged into the “torch on/off” port on the control box that is bolted to the table leg.

The wiring for the THC should be Red and Black connectors to the color coded ports on the VIM and a wire connecting the PV output to the THC port on the control box.

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I knew there was something I was missing. Thank you - Thank you-Thank you!!! Torch fires now sooooooo appreciated for the help in troubleshooting my issue again awesome!! If we ever meet Beer is on me