Everlast 62i new setup

I am picking up a used pro with THC. The guy was using hypertherm 45xp but he is keeping the plasma cutter. I think I’m going to get the everlast 62i with the cnc package. I’m really confused about hooking up the THC and the firing wires. From what I’ve seen they say the cnc port does not work on the 62i. Should I order a different plasma cutter?

Hey John, thanks for posting and welcome to the forums!!

So, the 62i is a very capable cutter… The issue Everlast has is that the “divided voltage” at the CNC connector on the back of the unit has not proven to be very trustworthy… So, what is typically done is to tap directly into the torch wiring inside the unit… This way, you are getting RAW voltage as it goes to the torch. Not a problem whatsoever…

You should be able to get torch on/off from the CNC connector on the back with no issues…

If you do a quick search on “62i Raw Voltage” or “52i Raw Voltage” you will likely find enough reading for the evening!!

Be sure to stop back and let us know how it works out for you!!


See if the seller has the original wires that came with the table and THC for the Raw voltage and the torch firing connections. If he is using the Hypertherm CPC cable, he didn’t need those wires.

Hooking up the wiring is not as scary as it sounds, but you do have to take the cover off the machine to access the raw voltage connections. I have a 52i, so you can PM me if you need help with the wiring.


Thank you and I’m sure I’ll be reaching out to you.

I’ve got the 60s and use the cnc port for the trigger wires and connected the raw leads to the terminals of the leads and it works great.

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Any2ay i can ask for help as well?

Toolboy has pictures of his machine with the raw voltage wiring in this thread. I wired mine the same way. Pictures of RAW Voltage wiring on Everlast 52I


if you need help with cutting with the 62i and the Pro table…feel free to reach out to me…