Everlast 60s...should have bought this earlier

Got my 60s yesterday and wired it today. First cut was a logo for my shop. It came out perfect! I need to tweak the kerf in fusion but the cutter did what it was supposed to and now compliments the Langmuir table well. Finally time to cut some parts to keep instead of throw away.

Awsome. Im really trying to talk myself out of a 50s with machine torch. Not having much luck so I will most likley get it in the near future.

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Ya I keep eyeballing the 60S CNC machine

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Just got mine Friday, and I love it

I’ve been using a cheap harbor freight cutter works alright, but one thing that drove me nuts was when the arc was lost, I had to stop the program m, rewind and ignite it again when it came to the same spot. My everlast pilot arc will come back on when the cutting arc is lost

I just purchased the Everlast 60s. Are you using the torch that came with it or a different one?