Everlast 52i cnc ready (solved)

Hi does anyone know off hand how to get machine to fire through mach 3 with the everlast hand torch. I have cnc port hooked up correctly but i am thinking it will only fire machine torch through cnc port. I have the hand torch for now. Havent gotten machine torch yet and was hoping that i could use the hand torch for now.

if you have the CNC port wired properly then you need to set the setting on the front panel to CNC.

by turning it to CNC it will bypass the circuit for the trigger and fire it through the torch on/off command from the LAngmuir box.

I have it set to cnc but its not doing anything. Are you sure it will fire hand torch through cnc port?
I connected wires to pin 1 and 2 like manuel says. not getting anything. Torch works when i press trigger by hand but nothing through cnc port.

Got it to work. Machine sat for a while and there was corrosion on the two wire plug where it plugs into langmuir box. Thanks for response

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