Everlast 50S won't pilot arc

Any suggestions on what could be wrong before I swap the torch head? Been running 14 ga HR at 100ipm 45 amps with 75psi. Have ran several signs out but started getting inconsitent cuts were it wouldnt pilot and would then fire half way through the cut path. Pressure drops to about 50psi when pilot arcing and tends to run for a long time after completing cut. I think I’m burning though consumables way to quickly also. Changed out electrode, tip, and swirl ring. First cut with new consumables was nice then second cut was like the video. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First find out why your loosing air pressure. You should drop 5 to 7 psi not 25. Then check the plunger in the torch and also check the cup pins. It may also be the air solenoid in the plasma cutter needs changed.

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The psi drop is a concern, I think the outline from compressor may be to small. I have checked plunger and pins multiple times but will again. We checked the air solenoid to see if it was clean (it was) and stretched the spring a little. Can a replacement air solenoid be purchased for a 50s?

Yes it can contact Everlast. You may also want to contact Langmuir if you haven’t updated the trigger control relay.

hmm. I talked with them tuesday and they didn’t mention a trigger control relay. the machine says inspected 2019 so maybe it is updated

Disconnect the plasma cutter from the cnc controller and see if it will fire and cut manually. If it does then its in the controller. If it doesn’t then its in the plasma cutter or torch.

Pull the torch and open it up completely . I have seen total destruction inside the torch from water splash.
Do a continuity test of all the parts of the gun back to the connection of the plasma machine …never know if you have a bad connection also

I tried cutting manually and it worked once and then would fail randomly. Went ahead and changed out the torch head and adjusted my psi according to the information on your website and it ran amazingly. Still need to address air moisture and pressure issues. Thank you for helping this newb track down the problem. I really appreciate the response. Thank you!

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I ran a continuity test of the torch from Everlast and everything passed. Inside the torch looked clean and didn’t show any signs of damage. I ended up changing the torch head per the advice of Everlast tech support and mechanic416 and that seems to have resolved my issues. Thanks for the response.

You really need to have dry air… moist air kills the tip.
If you ever get the dryer with the blue/purple beads you can reuse them by drying them in an oven.

Are you sure your air compressor is up to a long run. At 50PSI, my 50S is not cutting.

I cut 14ga hr at 75psi. I set the psi at the plasma with test flow on. When the air is not blowing psi is at 90. The air drops to 75psi when the pilot arc starts and holds 75 throughout the cut. After each cut I have an M05 and wait for post flow to stop running before starting the next cut. It adds a lot of time but I have no miss fires that way.

I have a water trap at the air compressor and a small copper tube looping run with 3 drops w/ valves at the bottom and then a small dessicant dryer at the machine. I leave the bottom of the compressor open a small amount for water to escape and open the traps frequently to let the water out also turn on post flow to check for moisture coming from the torch head before running a new part. Beads still need changed after about two hrs of running. I might add a motorguard filter to the system sounds like ppl really like those.

Sounds to me like you have some sort of a restriction in your air supply line. Most plasma cutters have an internal pressure switch that will stop the cutting arc if inlet pressure drops below a certain level. Install a pressure gauge hard plumbed at the inlet, read the gauge when no air is flowing, read it again when air is flowing at the torch (NOTE: the gauge must be hard plumbed at the inlet for accurate readings…anywhere else and do not bother with this troubleshooting step!). The change in pressure between static (no air flow at the torch) to dynamic (flow at the torch) often is caused by too much or too restrictive filters, moisture traps, fittings, or too small of a hose ID). Once you get these readings…then check with tech service at your plasma manufacturer and they can tell you the acceptable minimum dynamic inlet pressure. Jim Colt

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The gauge on the face of the plasma cutter is inaccurate?

The gauge on the face of most low cost import plasma cutters is the cut pressure, a gauge installed at the inlet of the plasma measures the inlet pressure and allows you to monitor static pressure vs dynamic pressure (static is without air flowing at the torch, dynamic is with air flowing). Dynamic flow will always be a bit (or a lot) lower than static and it indicates pressure drop created by hose length, diameter, filters, fittings, valves, dirt, blockages in your plumbing between the compressor and the inlet. Gauge must be right at the inlet to read this accurately. Jim Colt