Everlast 50S vs Razorweld 45 comparison

Finally got some time to do a comparison between the Everlast 50s and razorweld 45. I’m going to try not to be bias as possible and just lay out the facts of both machines. So first I will start with price. Prices were pulled from amazon.

Everlast 50s is $730
Razorweld $850

Everlast is a 50 amp machine
Razorweld is a 45 amp machine

The Everlast has an external cnc port. The machine comes with the cnc plug, you simply cut the spade connectors on the wire provided by Langmuir and solder them on to 2 pins of the plug.

The Razorweld requires you to remove the cover, tap into 2 wires, then run the wires to where that are hanging out of the cover to the Langmuir control box.

Everlast has an adjustable regulator and a large easy to read gauge right on the front of the machine.

Razorweld, the regulator is behind the cover so you do have to remove the cover to access it, but the gauge is also on the front of the machine.

Both machines have water separators

Both machines have buttons to check air pressure when the torch is running.

Everlast has a digital amperage readout on the front of the machine.

Razorweld has a knob that you rotate to the desired amperage.

Everlast tips have a fairly easy to read size on them, which makes identifying tips very helpful, especially if you have a variety of sizes.

Razorweld tips do not have any sizes listed on their tips.

Both machines do not come with recommend cut charts.

Everlast has an adjustable strap to carry it.

Razorweld has a handle to carry it, and the Razorweld is lighter then the everlast.

Everlast comes with 6 tips and electrodes, all 1.1mm.

Razorweld comes with 2 tips and electrodes which are .8mm

I think this pretty much sums up both machines, as much as I can recall anyways. If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Hahahahaha

This isn’t really anything you can judge based off the machine. The company that makes the consumables laser engraves them on the consumables. I don’t think I have seen a consumable without a size on there. Companies will build or buy their power supply and then the accessories and consumables are provided by another company. Unless it’s Fronius. They make everything they possible can, but everyone else will not. Hell back in the day Miller used to have their plasma torches made by hypertherm for them.

Not if you buy my machine torch :stuck_out_tongue:
But come 2019 the cut45 will have the CNC port

To keep things in perspective, amperage doesn’t mean a whole lot without voltage. It’s not about amperage, its about kilowatts which is what the true cutting power is. You see cheap machines on amazon that say 50amps but they can’t cut what the vipercut30 can. You see the hypertherm 30 that can cut more than a cheap 60amp plasma can. Voltage X Amps = Watts
That is why a 30 amp machine can easily cut what a 50amp can or vice versa. So keep in mind all 40 vs 40amp or 50vs 50amp machines are not created equal.


What about cut quality thats what WE want to know :slight_smile:


Cut some 1/8” aluminum today, hardly any dross. Cut at 120ipm @ 45 amps

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lol i told you to cut faster! Looking much better

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So you’re happier with this machine? Seems to be cutting much better. Price point is nice as well.

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I am very happy with this machine. With the RW I was unable to complete a cut longer then 10-15 seconds. I had no confidence that it wouldn’t mess up. So far the Everlast has been working great

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That’s great to hear. I may be going that route soon.

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@oneupperformance My everlast arrived today! Stoked to get it set up tomorrow. We should start a cut chart for the everlast in a separate topic.

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We can do that for sure!! Did you go with the 50s?

@oneupperformance I did!

i went with a 50S, my machine is arriving this week… lets start a google docs cut chart or something for the 50S… i think more people will be going with this machine in the future…

@oneupperformance @duff


I’m google doc Illiterate lol

Any updates on the 50s? I have a Razorweld on order with my table, but seems to be a lot of issues with them? Considering canceling and getting the 50s instead. I know I’ll regret not getting a Hypertherm either way haha but I just can’t swing that right now.
I’ve had an Everlast 140st Tig machine for a few years, runs fantastic, never an issue. My brother in law runs a comparable Miller daily at work (building/repairing food process piping, generally stainless), he couldn’t tell a difference welding with it. So I’m kind of leaning towards the 50s. Thanks for any input!

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Still works great, 0 issues with mine and I use it often

I love mine, works great everytime

Thanks guys! Ended up finding a good deal on a used Powermax 45xp! LOVE it!!

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