Everlast 50S cut chart

I figured since their are more and more people going with the 50s, that we could get a cut chart going. If someone wants to do a google doc, feel free. Otherwise I will just try to update this thread as much as possible with the most recent cut info.

1/8” aluminum cut at 120ipm @45 amps with 1.1mm tip. Very little to no dross at all.

3/16 mild steel cut at 45ipm @ 45 amps. 75 psi, 1.1mm tip.

1/8” mild steel cut at 70ipm at 45 amps, 1.1mm tip


What type of aluminum? 3003 5052 6061?

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S45 torch

16 ga 260 brass 1/2 hard
1.0 tip
40 amps
100-110 ipm seems to be the sweet spot

This was 5052 and 3003. I wouldn’t think the grade would matter in cutting, definitely does in bending though.

Probably doesn’t lol. Just nice to know. Yes it does on bending. 6061 likes to split

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First Cuts with the Everlast 50s. 14g Hot Rolled Steel, 45 Amps, 75psi, 100ipm. Most the dross I could pick off with my finger nail.


Looks good!!! How do you like the machine so far

Did you try with any different amperage by chance to see if it could produce the same quality cut on say 35 amps? Just curious

Looks good! Tip size?

What size holes are the small ones on that part? They look nice

Even if formed across the grain?

I love it so far. The air regulator on the front seems to be kinda cheesy but it cuts great. And no I made that test cut of the little piece which will eventually be out of 3/16 alum and then I cut a big sign for a buddy. I’ve got some 3/16 steel to run today and tomorrow, before I have more time to experiment with the settings.

The holes in CAD were 0.28" and they cut about .26"

@Burgs04 I used the 1.1 Tips that came with the machine.

3/16" Mild Steel, 45 amps, 75 psi, 45 ipm. Other than my torch holder not being straight up and down again these were nicer cuts than my Razorcut 45 ever made.


Very nice!!! Going to update the first post

I’m thinking of switching also. How’s the 50s on 16gauge s.s? The rw45 leaves a insane amount of dross, tried different settings but didn’t matter. Is the 50s a night and day difference from the rw45? Thanks.

With thinner gauge material, it’s going to be extremely hard if not impossible to not have dross, regardless of what machine you have.

Spot on. Also, Hot Rolled tends to have more dross I’ve found than Cold Rolled steel does. Sometimes a whack on the floor of the garage takes care of a lot of it, but otherwise it’s time for the angle grinder and wire wheel.

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I was just trippin on the rw45 cause it’s a insane amount like 1/2" long. When I cut 16ga s.s bye hand with my miller xtreme625 (when it works) theres barely any. My harbor freight cuts even better.

I cut some 16g mild steel last night. 30 amps at 100ipm. There was dross on the bottom side but was easily removable with pliers.