Etching with Hypertherm 45xp

Hey guys, so I’ve seen some success on the FB page with people etching parts out using their HP45xp. I’ve never attempted to do this ever before and was wondering do I need to pick up some special etching tip for the torch or will just the regular tips work? I don’t want to start burning up consumables or ruin the torch just because I want to try it out.

Any help would be appreciated!

I believe engraving requires a special nozzle from Hypertherm.

Like a diamond tip scriber?

This is a different tip but it really requires torch height control so you’re not dragging the diamond tip in between places you want to engrave.

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Okay I’ll need to look into it more. Going through the manual it has settings and information for etching but I never heard of some one etching with a plasma cutter before and just wanted to see if anyone had information off the top of their head about it. Ill let you guys know what I find.

Airscribe also makes a pneumatic one that might work with the Crossfire.

It’s on my list to dig into but my list exceeds my free time available :grinning: