Etching with crossfire

Just wondering if anybody has tried etching. I have an aluminum project that I am going to try to hook up my high speed etching air pen to the torch mount and make it’s own etching file. I’m thinking if you manually countersink the etcher or start off the edge and hold the material good with very very slow speed that it should work. Pop off the quick disconnect from the plasma. Plug it to the pen then turn off the plasma cutter and run the program as a normal program. Then swap back to the other program , hook torch /air back up and cut out the part outline. Hoping it works and I think probability is high since it is a continuous etch/aluminum. Need a z axis/thc bad on this machine for it’s first upgrade .

Can you eliminate the entry/exit cuts? I’m game to try as well. I don’t see why it would no work. I was using mine with a giant sharpie marker before I got my plasma cutter wired up

Yea you can remove the lead ins and lead outs. I am pretty sure that an air pen would work well on the machine. It would need to be attached to a solenoid to raise and lower it.

Does anybody have a design of how they are raising and lowering the engraver?

Personally, the cheapest way would be to mount it to an air cylinder. You can buy one that would work for this for less than 20 bucks. You’ll also need a valve (preferably electrically actuated so you can ‘fire’ it using Mach3).


Thanks Daniel

so far I have purchased all the components and hope to get if build and installed shortly


let us know how it goes. Then post parts and pics!