Estimated Assembly Time?

Based on the specs of the XR table and the size of the shipping crates…I’m assuming there are not many sub assemblies. How long is it going to take for the average person to put the table together ?

You got your XR? So they have started shipping them?

Sorry! I Fuc%ed up. I built the Pro model.

I feel for you…I do that on a regular basis…hehehehehehe

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I though I was the only that made slips like that. Cause everybody tells me I do.
Hey Joel ! Can I come over and play in your shop? You got a lot of the toys on my wish list for cars and fabrication.

No, Still don’t have in the shop. Have not got the email saying it’s ready.

I’d love to know how long the XR takes to assemble. We are about to order one but this is an important piece to know. Anyone have an estimate? Thanks!

I spent a couple of hours each day on a thursday and friday and finished after about 8 hours on saturday and got all software and stuff to make first cut next day. Only issue i had was that i had to use my laptop to run it though, the mini pc was doa. I was shipped out a new one next day.


Is that a couple hours each day and then 8 hours on Saturday, or 8 hours total? Thank you!

Depends on your own skills of following instructions and mechanical ability of assembling parts.
If you rush through you can have bad outcome…

He said “after about 8hrs on Saturday”. I came up with 12hrs total plus his time to setup the software & “other stuff” - presumably hooking up the plasma cutter, etc - so he could cut.

That seems pretty efficient based on my experience assembling their other tables.

Okay so one user reports 12 hours assembly time. Anyone else? I’m not trying to rush, I just want to understand what to expect. We have good skill on mechanical assembly. But I’m not asking anyone to predict how long it will take me to assemble it, I just want to collect some numbers from other people who have assembled it for how long it took them. This is not just for me, but for any other users who might want to search and get an answer. I even looked on YouTube and there’s a handful of videos that show the assembly but do not say how long it took!

My business partner and I are pretty handy. With both of us working on the stuff that needed 3 pairs of hands we started on a Thursday night and had it up and running Sunday. All in we had the thing dialed pretty well in about 20 hours. There was post-assembly troubleshooting and break-in stuff so add about 6 more hours for that. We were very fussy. This thing is very square and bearings are adjusted well. I’m including time to lay out the parts, fasteners and ensure that we had everything. Used gauge blocks to make sure the tube rails were exactly right. Did a lot of testing for smoothness on moving parts. Torque wrenched fasteners. Worked hard to calibrate the ball nut tension and alignment. I’m not buying these heroic 6 hour builds…maybe just to get it thrown together but not to get it running right.


It pays to take the level of care you are mentioning here. Especially with ball screw installation and alignment.

Folks that call in to Cameron with binding issues are almost universally found to have rushed through the process without really paying attention to each step. Once Cameron walks them through it gets resolved.

We offer assembly service for $1000. It’s a hefty price tag but it guarantees the machine you receive has been properly assembled and tested.


yeah about 12 hours total on table build and then from there If it were not for the mini pc boot issue i would have cut the same day. It took me taking it home and hooking the monitor and mini pc up to my home pc to figure out the problem. I went through everything very carefully and reread stuff numerous times, and had a second pair of hands when you need to man handle stuff around. I also read through the whole manual the day before to get me familiar with it. The instructions are very thorough, only thing not in them are the couple videos they want you to watch.


I did this assembly by myself and took about 25+hrs. I had to come up with a few fixtures since I was trying to do this all by myself. But if you want things to speed up, have someone to help you.

I’m brand new with cnc and I finished my XR about a month ago. I most all of it my self and took my time. the actual table took me less than 20 hours…and I went pretty slow and checked everything like 3 times before moving to the next step.

aside from the table, I had to assemble everything else as well…hooking up the air lines and the torch and running a new 220v circuit to the compressor…then theres the tech side with the computer and all the software updates and running the break in program…but that all took another day and some evenings here and there before the table could start burning. I went super slow because I’m very new, but it went really well and the machine is running great so far!

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I have done a couple of hours each day and I would have to say it took me about 18 hours but that is because I made to many mistakes!

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One of the significant advantages of the “U-build it” style of CNC table is all that time and effort to build it. Between the time invested in the build and the quality of support from Langmuir and this forum, I’ve found the XR very easy to calibrate, fix and maintain so far.

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