Error messages in Fire Control

We’re cutting a file and half way through the file and what seems to be ‘generic’ error message comes up with three options as to what the issue is.
1 pierce delay to long or short (I have set my tools up according to manual +5 sec) I adjust in Fire control either up or down and the cut will start again (sometimes). I don’t believe we can go below 5 sec for pierce delay.
2. voltage…doesn’t say much about that other than check it and the wiring. I would think if you had a wiring issue you wouldn’t have mad it through half of the project.
3. Shoot I can’t remember the third one now.

How do you actually know what the real error message is? Why does it give you errors when you’re half way through the piece you’re cutting and everything was going well. Is this a software issue? We had to scrap a file yesterday because we couldn’t get passed the error page. Never did figure out what the issue was. Cut other files and all was fine with the same tool setup. We went up on pierce delay, down on pierce delay, checked our voltage. We did everything we thought we needed to so we could continue the cut. I don’t believe we’re getting error codes via a line in code. Not that I can remember.

We have the Crossfire Pro the THC with Hypertherm 45xp

Getting very frustrated with the process. Any help in this is greatly appreciated.

Pierce delay( 0.5 ) not 5 seconds ??

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