Error message when trying to create a new toolpath

I am working in the Fusion 360 application and I have my drawing done and when I go to Manufacture it allows me to create a set up per the instruction video, but there is no “Cutting” tab on the new version and when I click on 2D Contour {seems like the most logical choice} and any other 2D path, they all give me the same error. It says “the chosen operation is not compatible with the current setup”. Is there an updated tutorial with the new version of 360 or does anyone know what am I doing wrong? I have yet to have a successful tool path built and want to get this figured out.

In Manufacture click the Fabracation tab. Cutting tab will be there. It will be beside set up tab.

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Thank you!!! Will get to it after dinner and hopefully thats it. I was lost!

Your welcome I hope I understood the Q right and it solves your issue. Enjoy dinner.

You nailed it. I had apparently not even noticed those tabs and was getting frustrated. First day on it and would think they would have some updated tutorials with the new software version. I really appreciate your help, some would bash for it. Thanks again!

Your very welcome. Fusion does alot of updates, If I remember correctly I had to ask where the cutting tab went the first time i logged into it after it changed. Glad your going. Let the fun begin!

Well I got the first path created, went to Mach 3 and in the Tool screen that shows what you are cutting it only shows about 3/4 of the path, its like it didn’t create the entire path. Trying to figure that out now…

Do you have the trial version of mach or the full?

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Just the demo now… I was able to get a full toolpath on a smaller version, if all goes well then I will be purchasing full version. Just getting started and trying to learn and get it working.

I would send LS a message asking about there new Firecontrol software. . Mach3 is like $175 . Worth a try anyhow and its saposed to work on the regular table and the Pro. Demo Mach3 will just make ya mad. It has like 500 lines wich is right next to nothing . Very basic things…

Forgot to tell you I got it working with the full version. Sorry been a bit hectic around here and just getting going again. Now I am experiencing torch fire issues. It fires for the first cut, but then after moving it doesn’t spark again. Just blows air and runs through the sequence. Happens on anything with multiple cuts. Sometimes it will fire on multiple cuts but other times it just blows air then will fire again on the next cut… Always something! Researching that issue now