Error in fire control when I load my file

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong image

I think that is Fusion 360 ? in the Manufacture process there is a setting. In Control and In Computer. Its default is In Control. You need to check the In Computer one. Cutting tab I think then the 2nd on what pops up . You have tool select and cut speeds on first.


Yup, Jim is correct. it is an offset issue. Most cnc machines have a control that accepts G40 no offset, G41 left offset and G42 right offsets are examples I use at work. With these codes you program true sizes and let the control interpret x, y, z and make adjustments (based on set parameters you have in your control) so part comes out to size, so you want “control” selected.

Firecontrol DOES NOT offset the program via G code. So you select “computer” and the G code or .nc or .tap that is generated has the offset figured in.

So if you program say G1 X .500 it will actually “write” say G1 X .465 or G1 X.535 depending on inside or outside and what kerf you have selected (examples are .07 kerf)

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