Enroute Fabrication Software

I already use this software on another CNC plasma unit and I assume I can still use it with this and load the file into Mach3 and it’s good to go correct?

As long as it spits out a dxf I don’t see why it won’t work

Well it would be a .tip ie gcode

I think the Crossfire controller wants a .tap file. But it also wants some specific commands in the G-code which are ensured by the post-processor they supply. Different CNC machines have slightly different G-code requirements and the post-processor takes care of tailoring the code accordingly.

It’s like English. Sometimes when I want a Coke I have to order soda and other times it’s pop and my sandwich is either a sub or a hoagie :slightly_smiling_face:

Enroute is pretty well known I don’t think it will be an issue. It’s well beyond fusion360. https://www.thinksai.com/buy-now/buy-enroute

Yeah, I’m not a big fan of the subscription model & their normal licensing costs are way out of my league :blush: More designed for larger & more complex businesses. But I’m pretty sure it’ll need a post-processor for the Crossfire since it’s new & not likely to have one out there already. I ran into the same problem with a German CNC router and needed to wait for them to create a post-processor for Vectric. Until they did I had to insert one little line in the front of every G-code file :grinning:

I’m still confused on this…Mach3 is what processes Goode and runs the machine. Only thing that’s Crossfire is the machine design and hardware. Software I have free because I own a ShopSabre Table. They also use a 3rd party program WinCNC.

Enroute you can do designs export dxf’s as well as output gcode ie .tip file.

Gcode is Gcode as I’m telling the machine what to do. I guess I’ll find out when I get my machine. Only limits I see would be with mach3 but even then lots use it.

That’s sort of true. But every CNC controller (the part Langmuir built) uses some of the codes and not others. It depends on the implementation in the controller and the tools it supports.

The CAD software that creates the G-code uses a post-processor file to provide for the tweaks needed for the specific implementation. For instance, do you need to specify a pierce delay (yes for the Crossfire), then add the G-code needed to add that where it applies in the tool pathing command sequence.

WinCNC is a pretty common post-processor but isn’t Crossfire specific. It works well with a lot of common CNC machines & in fact I used that while waiting on my German CNC to get their post-processor created - had to add a single N0 command at the top of the G-code file :slightly_smiling_face:

There are folks who have posted they found they need to add a G5 command, etc for their software/hardware combinations.


Guess I’ll just have to wait till my machine gets here or I could send you a .tip file and see :grimacing:

If you post a snippet of code here, we can take a look!

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