Enclosure for Handheld Keyboard

I designed and 3D printed this enclosure for my handheld keyboard. Twice it has fallen onto the floor and lost a little chunk of its housing. I decided to try to avoid a third time.

I plan to design a 3D printed (TPU) rubber impact bumper to fit around it, but here is the case so far.

When its all done I will probably post files on Printables and/or Thingiverse.


That looks awesome!!

Thats a great looking part! CFPETG? What printer?

Post up when/if you post the stl on printables. I may try to print it in TPU.

I put the files up on Prusa’s Printables:


I hope you make one!

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Thanks, I will start the print this eve… Working on the XR assembly today.

If you do print one with TPU, you may still want to do the panel piece in a more rigid plastic as it is very thin print. It will be real floppy in TPU. I’d try PLA and you should be able to bond it to the TPU bezel using cyanoacrylate superglue.

I designed a TPU bumper to fit around this more rigid case. I have added the file to the Printables model, but I have not tried it myself yet.

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This material is Prusa’s Prusament Galaxy Black PLA. For better impact protection I would try ASA, ABS, or PETG.

The printer I use is a Prusa I3 Mk3s+. I dont think you can find a better printer, all things considered. They make a great Mini printer too that is 7/8 the size but half the price.


Here’s the printed enclosure out of TPU. Its plenty rigid except for the thin plate as you stated. I will post a make on printables in a day or two. I want to get the XR completed.

Thanks again for the file!

We fired the XR this afternoon for the first time. We had to fab a CPC torch on/off cable and it took us a while to figure out the wiring. The crossfire xl we had has a different connecter on the control box. All works perfect.

We used the XR cut some plates to weld into the corners as stiffeners. I hope to get them welded in tomorrow. We tigged the water table together yesterday and its ready to go on.

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Nice! I think TPU will make a better impact resistant enclosure than the PLA. Thanks for sharing the photo.