Empty Toolpath Error

Having issues figuring out the tool path error Im getting. It the small .25 hole and slot. Tried suggestions with no luck. Attached fusion file… TP H emptyToolPath.dxf (2.0 MB)

Have you checked your lead in and out? Lead in may be too large for small hole. I use .05 down to .01 for small holes. No rad or a very small one.

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I have changed them to no rad… 0.1 lead in… on a .25 hole… No exit…with exit. No luck.

In your tools. (The one you’re designating for this file), what do you define the kerf width as?

I haven’t pulled it up yet, but perhaps you have a rogue node in it.

Rogue Node would also be a good name for a techno/heavy metal fusion band.

If it’s not solved in the morning I’ll load it up and look.

LOL! I thought you were going to say “I’m going to start that band!”

.055 is kerf.
Set lead in/out no more than .120 for 1/4" hole/slot.

Still learning 360 sketch to 3d…to 2d for cutting. Which includes along the way the structure in 360 so it all works out. Something’s I breeze right through…and something’s turn into a mess real quick. I have done 1/4" holes/slots with same set up before with no issue and now it’s the issue. That’s when it gets me.

Could you attach the original drawing in DXF? I don’t have Fusion anymore so, I can’t try that one… Anyone else?

I assume, you’re working in the CAM portion of F360 right now… Kerf sounds good…

Heres the dxf… Hope translation not an issue. 360 will not save dxf… had to save step…open in turbocad and save as dxf.TP emptytool path.DXF (3.2 MB)

Ok… I’ve tried just about all I can think of… Throwing my hands up at this point… This is turning out to be above this carpenter’s pay grade…LOL

If it’s not too hard to re-draw, maybe start from scratch on this one…?

Tried to import the file into Sheetcam and see if that would generate paths and it didn’t like the file. Wouldn’t open for some reason and maybe that’s a function of the translations like you mentioned…

Grrr… Good times!!

This is how I learn though… HELP?

You have a 1/4" dia. hole, your lead in is .120 the kerf is .055/2, so adding these together = .1275 Rad. you are .0025" larger than the Rad of your hole. The computer says that it can’t process this. “I think”

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I believe that was it… Thinking I need to give up on 1/4" holes…they never come out very clean. The pierce just destroys edges. Appreciate the feedback.

Your welcome, I use the shortest lead in that I can and I make a lot of 1/4" holes. I will use .06" lead in depending on how clean the hole has to be .01 Rad , 90deg lead in. If it is covered by a bolt it doesn’t much matter. Try different lead ins to get away from the opposite side and avoid the divot at the beginning . Good luck and happy cutting.


I have all mine programmed to start in the middle of holes under 1/2 inch I think.

Had to try it. 0.055 Kerf,45 deg. sweep, 0.019 lead in,0.027 pierce clearance, w / leadout. Fusion 360.
no issues