EMI issues…HELP

So I have a 2x2 Crossifire and just can’t seem to find consistency with cutting. I keep losing arc part way through and not piercing the metal at times. Then other days it cuts great without any issues without changing a thing. I’ve checked all the boxes for troubleshooting- new consumables, air pressure at 70psi, replaced desiccant dryer and even moving ground clamp to the metal and doesn’t seem to make a difference. What strange is I can cut perfect like butter with the straight line cuts through fire control but when a load a program from Fusion it’s a mess?

My next door neighbor has a HAM radio hobby with huge antennas all over his yard. I believe I am getting some weird interferences from this causing my intermittent issues.

I am going to put on some ferrite clips and given my scenarios I’m putting them on every wire. What is everyone else’s experience with EMI interference and does my situation sound like a likely cause of all these headaches?

you running FireControl?
are you on a laptop?
I take it you ave set the right height for cutting?

Yes running laptop and fire control. I did see on here about not plugging it in so I’m also going to try that today. Also using the small shim.

Make sure that the Langmuir control box is not grounded to frame. With an ohm meter check for continuity between shield on the laptop cable running to control box and table frame. Should be 0 or open.

What Plasma machine and torch are you using?

The control box has the plastic spacer between the frame. I’ll check the ohms reading this afternoon make sure no continuity.

I’m using the vipercut30i with J45XC-4 torch.

Like I said it cuts great when making straight line cuts through Fire Control but when loading a program it sometimes gets messed up. The exact same parts will cut Good one day and the next the arc just blows out.

Just a heads up that this isn’t EMI. Sounds like a misfire problem. I’ll shoot an email to Razorweld and ask them if the service bulletin that applies to legacy 45A cutters also applies to the 30a cutters.

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What was that Alien movie- “Signs” they can read our thoughts so they wore tinfoil hats. Anyways….

I found the tech bulletin dated 9/23/20 from Vipercut for the 45A cutters about improper timing delay. When I take the torch out and dry fire it manually with trigger, it will only stay lit for about 3 seconds before going out and air is still blowing. Not sure if this is normal?


great searching!!!

I believe that’s by design so you don’t burn out the consumables. You need some arc current to keep the plasma turned on.

More likely the Plasma Cutter is wreaking havoc with the HAM setup!

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Well…playing around again tonight and it seems like maybe pierce delay might be the issue. It’s the only thing I never really adjusted come to think of it.

Do you think pierce delay would have a lot to do with losing arc mid cut sometimes? I guess maybe if it wasn’t cutting all the way through at first pierce and especially so with changing direction in the toolpath?

I just ran some line tests at various speeds and all Looks good now. I used the override feature in fire control. The Pierce delay was at .5sec and now I’m at 1.2 sec. the same line tests last night at .5 were no good. Thank you all for any tips!!!

Also make sure your work/ground clamp is on your metal, not the table or slates.

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