Electrical question

Did anyone need a 240 outlet for running your air compressor, plasma table or for anything else?
And what amprage would i need?
Im getting an electrician to come out and im trying to make sure im getting everything ready. Hoping im not forgeting something…

50 amp 240 volt receptacle for the plasma power supply

30 amp 240 volts receptacle for the compressor

20 amp 110 volt for the XR plasma table.

This should cover it.


Im curious how you can know that without knowing what the equipment calls for?

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I think that would cover about 95% of the scenarios out there.

What are you running for welding plugs?

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Heck I don’t remember I would have to look. I would always recommend by equipment needs.
I would have no way of knowing if their compressor was wired 120 or 240 or what size the motor is.
Wire is to expense for me to install something larger then what’s called for or needed.
I guess that would be close for most small shops

We’ll technically, the OP didn’t ask what he’d need, just if anyone did. :slightly_smiling_face:


It would be really unlikely someone’s going to be running a 110 compressor successfully.

50 amp for a welding(plasma) plug is the standard.


The 50 amp plug for plasma is pretty much standard. 20 amp 120 volt plug is also good. Air compressor could be several different amps as easily could be 30,40, 50 or even higher depending on compressor. Mine is 40 amp.


He asked what amperage

True but not impossible

I see where you are coming from and would be fine for some people. But from the way OP posted their question led me to believe they are not well versed in electrical.

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Correct. But first he asked “Did anyone need a 240 outlet for running your air compressor, plasma table or for anything else?”. To which @TinWhisperer answered with what he uses (& what is pretty commonly reported here).

That’s how he could answer without knowing the OP’s equipment.

The answer to what amperage the OP would need is dependent on his specific equipment as you noted, but Tin’s is pretty common.


You are correct I did not get the first part of that question till now. I just jumped ahead to the what amperage he needed.

This was all on me I jumped the gun sorry.

My brain does not work very well sometimes and this one of those times. I also have a hard time keeping my mouth shut when I should! :rofl:

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