Editing multiple sketches

Hello all!
I have 3 dxf files that I want to combine and trim out so they will cut as one emblem. What I have is a waving flag and two round service emblems. I brought each into my file by selecting insert dxf. I’d like to trim the stripes in the flag around the service emblems. They are 3 different sketches and I can’t figure a way to get it done. Any help would be greatly appreciated. FYI, these are 3 different files that I bought off Etsy.

You didn’t say what CAD program you are using. If it is Fusion 360, I would start with the drawing that had the most parts that you wanted. Eliminate extra stuff before combining. If you can extrude a body, you can then create a new sketch on the face of the body.

Another way is to project the features that you like from additional sketches. You can then brings these projected items into the original first drawing or you can project parts of various sketches into a new sketch.

In a very simple illustration, I make three sketches: circle, bars and ellipses.

I then project what parts I want in “sketch 5”

This is sketch 5 now:

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Watch video…sorry no sound on how to go find image and not buy from others for many things in future. What you need to do is move your emblems in the flag where you want them and cut away the lines. if you get it close post and me or others can finish it up pretty quick if you post once, you place your emblems.

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We could give you more detail if we had more detail. Such as your mention of “trimming.” There are multiple ways but one of the classy ways is to use one of your lines that you plan on keeping,

An example would be your emblem and the stripes. If they were close or touching, use the offset tool and increase the outer margin of the emblem.

Now use the trim tool and remove what you don’t want:



Thanks, but my problem, I believe, is that I have 3 different sketches. I have been told that once I have everything where I want it, I can box pick it and copy, then create another sketch and paste into the new sketch. That will allow me to trim lines and bridges. I haven’t tried it yet but I hope to tonight.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

Yes. That can definitely work. Plus you can insert multiple DXF files in the same sketch. In this instant, I inserted three different DXF files on the same sketch but each on its own layer. They act separate but also act as the same sketch. You will see what I mean.

You can then manipulate them (move, resize) in relation to each other by turning the layers on/off and “edit sketch” for each layer.

Look for this menu choice, before selecting OK to insert it.


Whenever you start a new design/document in Fusion 360 the first thing you should do is create a new component and name it. Once you have completed the component save it. You can then copy it from your recent files and paste it into an assembly. Discovering components and assemblies totally changed my fusion workflow. It can get a little cumbersome working with assemblies that have more than 10 components if you are working with the free version… as you can only have 10 active files. you can go back and change the individual components in their own files, and they will also change in your assembly. Start simple with only a handful of components in an assembly so you can get used to how it works and how to line up the parts when you bring them together.

It really is a great program the more you learn the more you will like it.


If you use the project command your lines will be a magenta color. When they are that color you will not be able to trim or break them. You’ll need to right click the magenta line and click break link.


Well, after a lot of trial and error, I got a usable file!


I believe that is how a lot of us learned. Great job.


Make sure you watch the toolpath simulator and i hope this is really big because you have a lot of little letters that might be concerning to me. Hard to tell scale but looks like an awesome design!


It’s 40" long. I had to make a few of the details bigger so they would cut